Divorcing and Selling Your Home in Minnesota

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Divorcing and Selling a House,
Unless you have been through it you just don’t understand. To make it even worse it’s not just the spouses that get divorced, it’s a family thing. Things will never be the same. I know because I have been through it, yes with children involved. However life must go on, lives must move forward.Here are just a few quick points.
1. Using a Quitclaim Deed or Grant Deed only passes right to title. They do not usually transfer responsibility for any loans. In addition it is not unheard of to have quitclaim deeds challenged or even overruled in court.
2. A changing of the title may still leave you liable for loans associated with that property.This leaving you under financial influence of a former or divorcing spouse.
3. Refinancing a property can however free you from joint obligations.
4. Refinancing may enable the owner to pay off any associated loans and get needed equity out of a home.
5. I can help you get access to a local lender who may be able to get you a better rate than most lenders can. Some mortgage expenses are also tax deductible.
If refinancing is not an option for any reason then you still have the option of marketing the home.In Minnesota it takes two to sell. A husband of wife may buy or own a home but it takes both signatures every step of the way to sell a home. Needless to say that’s quite a task for an agent. Twice the legwork and 10 times the understanding and patience.
As an agent going into the homes and lives of divorcing couples your also trusted with a higher level of information. Namely keeping the private lives of both parties private. People are remarkably human. They say things and do things that don’t necessarily make things go smoother. I’ll keep your lives private.
When attorneys get involved, most likely they will. I’ll handle that professionally as well. But talk is cheap. Contact me and let’s meet and discuss it. This is going to be a process. It needs to start looking the agent in the eye and making a judgement call on their professionalism and compassion. Take the first step, let’s meet.